Installation views from the Spectacle show at Nevsky 8 in Saint Petersburg, 2011.

Run Into Sun, Sigil and Not Very Zen, silk screen prints, 80 × 112 cm. The Proper Way To Dispose of A Swedish Flag, video loop, 11:00 min, in collaboration with Stina Persson Helleday and Sandra Isacsson. Untitled, acrylic paint on C-print, 30 × 30 cm. If You Could, flock material and flag fabric, 1900 × 90 cm, in collaboration with And Beyond. Omnipollo, beer bottle and incense. Untitled, silk screen print, 100 × 70 cm.
The World According to Garp, giclée print, 26 × 19,9 cm. Think Different, digigraphie print, 70 × 100 cm. Male Animal, ripped wool and cotton knit sweater. Female Animal, wool and cotton knit sweater.