Omnipollo Collaborations

Life is a Peach is a collaborative effort between OmnipolloSiren Craft Brew and the Swedish homebrew champion Niklas Johansson, 2015. Yolo.


Stolen Fruit, a sour wheat beer, is a collaboration between Omnipollo and Buxton, 2014.


Gracchus is a collaborative effort between
OmnipolloSiren Craft Brew and British homebrew champion Michael Bates, 2014.


Näcken is a collaborative effort between Omnipollo, Siren Craft Brew and the Swedish homebrew champion Rick Gordon Lindqvist, 2013. In Scandinavian folklore, Näcken, or Strömkarlen, is a male water spirit who plays enchanted songs on the violin, luring women and children to drown in lakes and streams.


Russian Roulette is a collaboration between Omnipollo and Evil Twin. An IPA and a black IPA, sealed in identical bottles, 2012.


En El Bosque, an Imperial Red Ale, is a collaboration between Omnipollo and Nómada, 2012.


Brewmance, an Imperial Stout brewed with the most intelligent honey in the world, courtesy Bee Urban, and aged in Bourbon barrels, is a collaboration between Omnipollo and To Øl, 2012.