Cheap Monday

Schizo intarsia and Paranoia, for the Cheap Monday autumn and winter 2009 Wknd collection.

Leaving the Planet, Shock of the New and Hurricanes, prints and patterns for the Cheap Monday spring and summer 2009 2009 Wknd collection.

Sword, A Forest and Jr Mummy, for the Cheap Monday autumn and winter 2009 collection.

Pattern designs for the Cheap Monday streetwear sub label Wknd. Triangles, polka-dots and squares for the 2007 summer and winter collections. Digital prints on fabric, 150×300 cm.



Revolution, Impopular and Popular, two prints for the Cheap Monday Black-on-White collection.

Wrinkles, Increase the Peace, Reutersvärd Star, Radio EthiopiA and Over My Dead Body, for the Cheap Monday spring and summer 2009 collection.

Hairy Hippie and Rainbow Noise, two allover patterns for the Cheap Monday autumn and winter 2008 collection.


The World at War (a flag composed of elements from the flags of Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, China, Congo, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Israel, Korea, Lebanon, Namibia, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestine, Somalia, Spain, Sri Lanka,
Sudan, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda and the United States, nations involved in armed conflicts as of October 2006), Psilocybin
(a mushroom cloud forest) and The All-Seeing (a democratic version of the pyramid symbol of the Illuminati) for the Cheap Monday spring summer 2008 collection.


Miscellaneous prints from prior seasons —


cm-evolution.gifcm-ll-skull.gif cm-mare-liberum.gifcm-secret-smoking-society.jpgcm-sasquatch2.gif